5 Best Vacuums for Tile Floors

Tile floors can be high maintenance since dust and debris are visible quickly. To keep your floors clean and fresh, you need a solid vacuum to clean everything in one go.

We have chosen five vacuums that will make vacuuming a breeze for you. We selected these vacuums based on their suction power, accessibility, wet and dry ability, additional cleaning tools, and other advanced features.

Bissell Symphony Vacuum Cleaner – all in one cleaner

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This hybrid cleaner caters to vacuuming and mopping at the same time. It is designed specifically for tile floors and has a powerful suction system that picks up debris smoothly. The steaming feature enables you to mop the floors and get rid of spills and stains. You can choose to use to steam and sweep simultaneously or separately.

The Vacuum comes with four filtration pads that are easy to remove and can fight bacteria and allergens. Moreover, the steam sanitizes your home keeping it safe for your family. There are two separate tanks for water and dust, and the water tank can hold 400ml. This water cup is fixed but can be cleaned easily.

This is an easy-to-use vacuum that is light and moves around smoothly in your home. The steam and sweep feature can be controlled using an intelligent digital screen. The Vacuum has a lengthy 25ft cable to cover up large living space quickly.


  • Adjustable handle
  • Quick and intelligent steam technology
  • Antibacterial abilities
  • Wet and dry features
  • The vacuum has an adjustable handle, so you don’t have to bend too much to clean. This also caters to various cleaning needs as you can tuck it under furniture.
  • It has a quick and intelligent steam technology that produces steam to clean stubborn dried-out stains. You don’t have to add water for the steam function to operate as the device can generate it automatically.
  • The vacuum has a microfiber steaming pad that can remove bacteria and germs up to 99% from your tiles. This makes your surfaces not only clean but safe from bacterial infections.
  • This vacuum is a complete cleaning solution for your tiles as it has both a vacuum and a mop. These two can be operated separately or simultaneously based on your need.


  • Smaller water tank
  • No additional cleaning tools
  • Although a hybrid cleaner, the water tank is tiny. This means it requires you to fill it up in between cleaning rounds.
  • The vacuum doesn’t have a swivel feature which may limit its maneuverability. It cannot be easy to reach corners as the cleaning head won’t rotate and will require extra effort on your end.

Dyson v15 detects Vacuum – no recurring costs

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Dyson V15 is a heavy-duty vacuum that works amazingly on tiles. This Vacuum comes with a soft bristles brush to ensure it leaves no scratches or marks during the cleaning session. The Vacuum has a robust suction ability which detects dust in places that even you would miss. It has a laser detection that identifies debris even in minor areas.

The Vacuum has a highly sophisticated LCD which shows dirt detected, speed mode used, and remaining battery. The bagless dust canister is see-through to show how much dust is collected, and it can hold 900ml of waste. The Vacuum has HEPA filters, and the filtration tools are easy to wash and require no replacement.

This is a cordless vacuum and can last an hour of cleaning before recharging the battery. However, the activity time goes down to 15 minutes if it is on full suction mode. The battery then takes around 4 hours to charge.


  • It comes with a handheld version
  • Detects microscopic dirt on tiles
  • Eight attachment tools
  • Smart LCD
  • It comes with a handheld version that can be used to clean upholstery, car interior, and other areas like curtains and cabinets.
  • The vacuum has a laser-equipped cleaner head that detects dust particles that would otherwise go unnoticed. This feature results in squeaky clean tiles with no residual dirt left after cleaning.
  • It comes with eight attachment tools making it a holistic cleaner. Each device caters to specific cleaning requirements.
  • The vacuum comes with an advanced LCD showing not only battery percentage but also graphs of your cleaning process. These graphs determine the density of dust particles along with calculations for how much dust has been picked in one session.


  • Expensive
  • No mopping features
  • Dyson 15 is an expensive vacuum compared to its previous models. Although it promises no recurring costs, it still comes at a hefty price.
  • This is a dry vacuum, so that you would need a separate mopping round once done with the vacuuming.

iRobot Roomba j7 (7150) – stress-free cleaning

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Vacuuming can be annoying, and a robot vacuum is a perfect solution to get the task done without moving. Roomba J7 is a highly advanced bot that works perfectly on tiles. It is fast and rolls around on the floor to clean up all sorts of messes.

The Vacuum has an obstacle detection feature that protects the bot from bumping into sofas. Moreover, the best part is that it can identify and avoid pet messes to keep you from unwanted accidents. The Vacuum also empties trash in the enclosed bag attached to its parking standing. This bag can be thrown away easily and can store days of waste.

This portable Vacuum is easy to use as it is fully automatic and can be managed from the app. The Vacuum has an advanced navigation system that makes maps and can easily clean specific areas. This rechargeable robot can last 75 minutes of cleaning without recharging.


  • Obstacle avoidant feature
  • Independent cleaning without the need for human assistance
  • Self-emptying dust bag
  • Managed easily from the phone app
  • The vacuum has an obstacle avoidance feature which makes the device highly independent. It can move around stuff without bumping or getting stuck. This means you don’t have to watch over the bot during cleaning rounds.
  • Unlike other cleaners, this robot provides independent cleaning without needing human assistance. It also has an intelligent navigation system that records room layouts for future sessions.
  • It can be managed easily from the phone using the app, showing cleaning history and battery life and capturing pictures from the cleaning sessions.


  • More expensive
  • Not as ideal for bigger homes
  • This vacuum is also on the expensive end due to its innovative technology. The vacuum provides cleaning similar to conventional vacuums, so it is better to check all options before buying.
  • This vacuum is not suitable for big and busy homes. It provides shiny surfaces but lacks the suction power of a conventional vacuum.

Eureka WhirlWind Canister Vacuum Cleaner – low maintenance vacuum

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This canister vacuum is an average vacuum that ticks most of the boxes for tiles. The Vacuum has a powerful motor that sweeps small and large debris effortlessly. It also works well at cleaning pet hair and dander from the floors. The Vacuum has adjustable suction levels displayed on the handle for various needs. Moreover, it has retractable bristles to keep your tiles scratch-free.

The Vacuum has basic filters which can be cleaned easily, but it lacks the HEPA filter, which protects your house from allergens. Apart from that, the Vacuum is bagless and comes with a dust cup that can be removed and cleaned. The dust cup can hold 2.5L of waste.

Whirlwind is a very portable vacuum that is light and moves around quickly. It works better on hardwood floors and will glide on your tiles, making cleaning faster. The Vacuum comes with a power cable that is 16ft long.


  • Large dust cup
  • Ideal for pet hair
  • High maneuverability
  • Three power modes
  • The vacuum has a large dust cup which can suck up a lot of dust and dirt in one go. It saves up time spent on emptying the bag frequently.
  • This vacuum is very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. The vacuum also has tires that glide around on tiles without any hindrance. These features make cleaning less strenuous.
  • This is an ideal device for your tiles as its suction power shows excellent result on tiles. It not only picks up dust and dirt particles but also detects them in places that are hard to reach for you.


  • It doesn’t have multiple attachment tools
  • Shorter power cable
  • It has an average performance in picking up pet hair. The vacuum doesn’t have a brush head, so it cannot clean up pet dander efficiently; hence, it is not the best choice for pet parents.
  • Unfortunately, the vacuum has a short power cable, which can be inconvenient because you have to switch it to another outlet frequently.

Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – ideal for people with allergies


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Whall cordless is a strong vacuum that cleans away dirt in one swipe. This Vacuum has a brushless design that keeps your tiles in the best condition and scratch-free. It has a powerful motor that cleans up all dust and debris forms and comes with three adjustable suction modes.

The Vacuum has an advanced filtration system that is fully sealed and protects your home from allergens. It also has the HEPA filter, which protects from pollen and bacteria. The Vacuum has a 500ml dust cup which can be emptied and cleaned.

This is a very light vacuum that glides on your floors efficiently. The cordless design expands its reach and helps you have uninterrupted cleaning rounds without needing a power socket. The Vacuum provides 55 minutes of cleaning on regular mode and lasts for 16 minutes on the ‘max’ mode.


  • Decent battery time
  • Advanced filtration system
  • High maneuverability
  • Brushless design
  • This vacuum has a long battery life of 55 minutes, higher than its competitors. The vacuum lasts a long cleaning round and is suitable for tiny homes.
  • This vacuum is ideal for people with allergies. It has an advanced filtration system that traps pollen and other allergens
  • The device is very light and compact. Although sturdy, it can move around quickly and has high maneuverability. Cleaning nooks and crannies of your house will be a piece of cake with this vacuum.
  • It has a brushless design which is very important for tile floors. This protects the floors from scratches and marks often due to stiff brush roll bristles.


  • Lacks mopping features
  • Smaller dust cup
  • This is a dry vacuum and lacks a mopping feature. Due to this, you might have to consider other options that offer mop and scrubbing options as they come in handy for tile floors.
  • The vacuum has a small dust cup which is why it is unsuitable for an extended cleaning routine.


These are the five best vacuums that will keep your tiles shining and scratch-free. You can choose a model that fits your home needs as each model offers a unique set of features that cater to multiple requirements.

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