5 Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add a chic and modern look to the living space. However, maintaining the shine and quality of your floor is essential. A wet and dry vacuum is one step up from a traditional vacuum, designed to clean the messes on your water-sealed floors.

We have curated a list of five top vacuums that will remove all types of dirt and waste from your floors. These vacuums are selected based on their maneuverability, mopping, suction power, and self-cleaning abilities.

Tineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner – an ultimate fan favorite

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People love Tineco iFloor3 for its superb performance in cleaning messes on hardwood floors. This wet and dry vacuum has a strong suction power coupled with efficient mopping that picks up debris, dirt, spilled liquid, and sticky things. These features make it ideal for kitchens and lounge areas, especially for people with kids and pets at home.

The device comes with two waste tanks, one for dry and one for wet waste. This keeps the water filters from clogging. These removable dust cups can be removed to clear dirty water and dust in the trash can. The vacuum has a self-cleaning feature that cleans the brush roll and filters.

Tineco has a 16 ounces water can for clean water mixed with their cleaning solution that gives a nice shine to your surface. The vacuum has a modern design and is very light, making it easy to move around.

The vacuum is also cordless, a plus point as you don’t stumble upon the power cable or need a power socket. It has a run time of 25 minutes before recharging is required.


  • Efficient in picking up sticky waste
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Noise-free
  • Swivel steering
  • It has a powerful motor and a self-propelled system which is efficient in picking up sticky waste. For example, it clears up spilled soups or foodstuff like oatmeal easily without leaving a mark.
  • It has a self-cleaning design that empties and clears out all the waste and debris once placed back on the charging port.
  • The vacuum provides soundless cleaning, which makes it suitable for homes with infants
  • The swivel steering allows it to maneuver in challenging-to-reach areas. This also protects your back from bending too much to clean areas under furniture.


  • Small water tank
  • Lower battery life
  • Unfortunately, the device has a small water tank that requires you to refill during cleaning sessions.
  • Its low battery life limits cleaning rounds to one or two rooms at a stretch before recharging is required.

Tineco Pure ONE S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – All-rounder

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Tineco S11 is a series of vacuum cleaners ideal for hard floors. This version has a powerful motor, which will not miss any dust or debris. The vacuum has two power modes; automatic and max. The device can adjust the suction level based on the dust level.

S11 has a lot of technological features like the intelligent LED display. This display shows a red light loop to identify dust while cleaning. The display also indicates battery percentage, power mode, and filter blockage.

The dust bin is average in size and requires frequent removal. However, it has an easy removal feature that keeps your hands clean. Additionally, the vacuum comes with a handheld version which makes it a rounder as you can use this to clean your sofas and car.

This cordless design makes it easy to move around without the limitation of a power socket. The vacuum has a battery life of 30 minutes on automatic mode and 10 minutes on the max way. Overall, the vacuum moves smoothly on hardwood floors but struggles on carpets.


  • Handheld version
  • Quiet operation
  • HEPA filters to protect from allergens
  • The handheld version has a trigger lock
  • The Handheld version is lightweight and has a rubberized handle for a better grip. It also has a trigger lock which prevents strain on hands from constantly holding the trigger.
  • Quiet operation means sound-free cleaning without disturbing the whole house.
  • It has a sealed filtration system which means that the dust and air particles that enter the vacuum are filtered before they escape. This is ideal for families that require a sophisticated air purification system.
  • It comes with a pre-filter cleaning tool that ensures that the filters have no residual dust before starting a cleaning round.


  • It doesn’t have a brushless design
  • Lacks swivel steering
  • It doesn’t have a brushless design
  • It lacks swivel steering, which results in average maneuverability. It also limits its ability to clean under furniture and other difficult-to-reach areas.

SAMSUNG Jet 75 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum

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Samsung Jet is a powerful vacuum that shows excellent results on hard floors. The device has a solid suction system that leaves no dirt particles behind. Although the device has three power levels, the vacuum performs efficiently even on low power. The max mode is helpful for carpets only and may damage your hardwood floors.

Jet 75 has a 5-level filtration system which means your home will be safe from bacteria, pollutants, and allergens. This device has a large dust bin containing 27 ounces of waste. The dustbin is detachable and can be cleaned easily with water. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t have a mopping option.

This vacuum is very easy to move around and won’t give you a backache after use. It also has a swivel steering which means you can clean every nook and cranny without bending too much. The cordless design means that you can operate the vacuum for one hour without a recharge. However, the battery life depends on the power mode selected.


  • Self-cleaning brush
  • Suitable for people with allergies
  • It comes with a self-cleaning brush, so you don’t have to remove debris and pet dander manually.
  • The vacuum has a 5-layer filtration system that sucks up even microdust particles. The vacuum is a good choice for people with respiratory issues or other allergies.
  • This is a very lightweight vacuum which makes it highly maneuverable. It won’t be a hassle to clean places under sofas or coffee tables.


  • The LED display is not as advanced
  • It doesn’t have a mopping feature
  • The LED display is primary and can be operated using buttons instead of touch. The display shows the remaining battery, suction mode, and any troublesome features.
  • It is a dry vacuum without any mopping or scrubbing features. This means you might need a separate mop to clean up sticky messes.

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner

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Symphony Pet is a wet and dry vacuum that will make your hardwood floors shine. This vacuum has two cleaning sources, a dry suction system, and a steam mob. These can be operated simultaneously or separately based on your needs. The steam pads can remove stubborn stains and clear up any spills. The steam pad also has a scrubbing pad which will ensure deep cleaning.

The vacuum comes with an average-sized water tank of 5 ounces, so it may require frequent refills.

The vacuum is very light, and you can move it around making quickly. The device has to be attached to a power socket and has a 25 inches cord which is decent to do one room at a time.


  • Brushless design protects floors from damage
  • Disposable steaming and scrubbing pads
  • Maneuverable
  • The vacuum has a brushless design that protects your floors from scratches and other marks.
  • The device has disposable steaming and scrubbing pads that can be easily removed using the elastic band. The steaming place caters to general messes, while the scrubbing pad is textured and is perfect for eliminating dried-out stains.
  • This vacuum has a sturdy body, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any parts during rigorous cleaning. It is also maneuverable and glides on carpets and hardwood floors without getting stuck.


  • Smaller water tank
  • This vacuum has a relatively small water tank which means frequent runs to the tap to fill it up during cleaning sessions.
  • Although the steaming mop effectively clears stains, it can sometimes miss corners and spots and require extra rounds.

Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless vacuum

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N3 is a two-in-one cleaner that will mop and brush your floors efficiently. This device has many features that will make cleaning a breeze for you. One of these is the auto-suction mode which will adjust suction power based on your floor needs.

The device has two water tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water. Moreover, the vacuum has a very dry mop which prevents your floors from being too wet or slippery. The water tank has a large capacity of 20 ounces, saving your refilling trips.

Being a cordless model, this device can operate anywhere if the battery is charged. The battery lasts for 35 minutes without the need to be set.


  • Self-cleaning function
  • Self-propelling feature
  • Light
  • Cordless
  • It has a Self-propelling feature, meaning cleaning isn’t tiresome for you. It maneuvers independently and will change the way in case of obstacles.
  • It has an advanced LED display that shows battery life and cleaning mode and indicates any area you miss during cleaning sessions.
  • The device is cordless, making it easy to carry around to clean areas. It also has a good battery life, giving you a long cleaning round at a stretch.


  • A bit expensive
  • Although the device offers very advanced features, it is expensive, which can be a reason to reconsider before buying.
  • The vacuum has separate tanks for dirty and clean water but isn’t large enough to run for long cleaning rounds.


These are our favorite vacuums to keep your hardwood floors in their best condition. These wet and dry vacuums will save time and make cleaning an easy chore.

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