Roborock xiaowa E202 vs Roborock xiaowa E352, which is better?

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The is $125 gap between Roborock xiaowa E202 and Roborock xiaowa E352, any difference in performance?

We compare some tech details, like

Planned cleaning path
– Double gyroscope inertial navigation system, combined with dual optical motion tracking and other sensors achieve a planned cleaning path.
APP intelligent control
– You can control your robot at home or away, schedule weekly or daily cleanings, and check on its status
Large capacity dust box
– With 640ml dust box, it can store large dust without cleaning dust box frequently

The biggest one is the Built-in Li-ion battery: Roborock xiaowa E202 has 2600mAh while Roborock xiaowa E352 has 5200mAh battery.


Roborock xiaowa E352 - 00 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi
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