Ilife A8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is best model of $300 Vacuum Cleaner

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Ilife A8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is best model of $300 Vacuum Cleaner.  Check price and more.

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ILIFE A8 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is an essential household cleaning machine. The groundbreaking panoview navigation enables A8 to clean methodically, deeply and thoroughly in less time. the gen 3 cyclonepower system enhanced to delivery thorough clean for your home.

The BladeAway spiral Rubber Brush combining with our Tangle Free Technology extracts dirt efficiently and solves the toughest issue caused by tangled brush that most robot vacuums faced. A full suite of Intelligent Sensors beneath the robot allow ILIFE robot cleaner to work its way around furniture and avoid stairs or other dangerous drop-offs. the intelligent i-voice technology tells you what A8 is doing or if it requires attention.

The 160min working time with 2600mAh powerful Li-ion battery is specially designed for large home. the extra-large roadrover wheels stabilize A8 as it moves across different surfaces and avoids obstacles. Start your new day without heavy housework and clean your floor every day all at a push of the button!

Check price and more.