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Before we get to the top models, we think it’s important to have the right expectations of a sweeper. While it should be capable of picking up reasonable amounts of dirt, you also shouldn’t expect anywhere close to the pickup performance of a regular vacuum from a carpet sweeper.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve chosen a varied selection of sweepers in our top list. Each has been highly rated by buyers, but we’ve included a range of types, styles and price ranges.

Gtech SW20
Gtech Sw20
If you’re looking for the best electric sweeper, then the Gtech SW20 is definitely an option to consider. It’s expensive for this type of product, yet has a range of features not found on competing models. To start with, the SW20 comes with a 7.2V battery. This powers the motor and allows for a full 60 minute run-time – which should be enough for almost any cleaning job. Check full reviews.

Leifheit Rotaro S Deluxe
Leifheit Rotaro S Deluxe
The Leifheit Rotaro S Deluxe is undoubtedly one of the best manual sweepers on the market at the moment. It’s a bit more expensive than competing models, but makes up for it with the height adjustment option and side brushes.  Check full reviews.

Bissell Supreme Sweep
Bissell Supreme Sweep
One of the best rechargeable carpet sweepers is the excellent Bissell Supreme Sweep. It’s a cordless model that’s built with a 4.8V battery, allowing for a generous 45 minutes of run-time. This makes it great for both short and extended cleaning sessions between your regular vacuuming.   Check full reviews.



One of the great features of the 2314E is that each corner has a small brush. This helps improve edge cleaning (although the brushes are too small to have the same effect as the rotating brushes on the Rotaro S).   Check full reviews.

Ewbank Speed Sweep
Ewbank Speed Sweep
It has a 20cm sweeping path, durable design and is great for quickly cleaning under furniture. As it’s a manual sweeper, you don’t need to worry about cords or recharging, so you can use it whenever there’s a mess to clean.  Check full reviews.

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